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California Community Credit Union
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Online Banking

Online Banking Enrollment Form:

Complete the Online Banking Enrollment Form and send a hard copy to the Main Branch or send by email to info@caccu.org and start managing your finances from home.

How to Log In: The Online Banking Login is located on the Home Page at the top left corner. 

First Time Log In

  • Your Initial Password will be provided to you by a CACCU staff member following receipt of your completed Enrollment Form.
  • Enter your account in the required field, enter your temporary password and click "Log In".
  • The system will walk you through changing your password and setting up your multi-factor authentication (choose an icon, answer 3 questions).

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Online Banking? Home Banking is a convenient and secure way to access your account 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, through the Internet. 

How do I sign up for Online Banking? Please contact any branch office for instructions on how to access your account through Online Banking.

What transactions services are available?
You can perform the following transactions: 

  • Check credit union account balances
  • Transfer money within your account
  • Transfer money to joint members' accounts (you will  need contact us at any branch so we may set up your request to transfer funds to another member's account)
  • Order a check withdrawal to be mailed to your home
  • Make a payment to your California Community Visa Credit Card Account.
  • Print a history of your transactions
  • Print copies (front & back) of your cleared checks
  • Download and import history to Quicken, MS Money or Excel

How much does Home Banking cost? Absolutely nothing, with the exception of the Electronic Bill Payer feature (paying your bills through Home Banking), which will  have an inactivity fee of $7.00 per month.  If you are enrolled in Bill Payer, you will want to schedule at least three (3) bills per month for payment to avoid the $7.00 inactivity fee..

Are account transactions performed in real time? Yes, with the exception of Electronic Bill Payer.  If you perform a transaction after hours, the transaction will occur and the available balances will reflect the activity; however, the transaction history may not appear until the next Credit Union business day. 

Can I transfer a payment from my shares/share draft to my credit union loan(s)? Yes, click TRANSFER. Select the account you wish to transfer "From", then select the account you wish to transfer "To". You will be asked to confirm the request.

How do I change my password? Sign on to Home Banking, select the CHANGE PASSWORD button, and follow the directions. To maintain the security of your account information, we recommend that you regularly change your password. 

All passwords must contain between 4 to 8 alpha-numeric characters 

I've forgotten my password, what should I do? Click on the "Forgot Password" link from the Home Page Login and with your account number and email address, the system will assign you a one-use temporary password (you will be notified of this temporary password through an email.

Is Home Banking secure? Is it safe? Yes! Access to your account via Home Banking is blocked and your account will remain inaccessible until you complete our Enrollment process. You do not need to contact us to block your account. Before you can access your account information, your request must be authenticated. 

We have also implemented state-of-the-art firewall technology and secure password requirements to reduce the risk of attack from outside. We have in place back-office operations procedures that are not published or discussed here. 

Additionally, your account is protected by a password of your choosing. No one can access your account without knowing your PASSWORD, and you can change your PASSWORD as often as you like. Please remember, keep your password CONFIDENTIAL. 

Credit Union employees will NEVER ask you for this information. If someone claiming to be a credit union employee asks for that information, refuse to provide it and report the incident to our office immediately.  Call (916) 386-1418 or send us an e-mail at thestaff@caccu.org.  

If I go out of Home Banking for a short period, should I log off and close my browser? Yes, select the Log Out button each time you leave for any period of time. This will help prevent an unauthorized user from transacting on your account.